Reimagining FM Symposium

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Lorri Rowlandson

Cheryl Duvall

Melissa Fisher

Rick Huijbregts

Enrique Rubio

Lakisha Ann Woods

Rapidly emerging tech and workplace transformation have already accelerated FM’s evolutionary path. Now, COVID-19 has hastened dramatic changes in how and where we work, leading our industry to ask: If “workplace” has new meaning, how is our work defined?

A panel of forward thinkers representing all aspects of the built environment will change the conversation about the future of the workplace – what it looks like and why it will take a multidisciplinary approach to manage it. Gain beneficial new perspectives on your role as a leader and partner in supporting a reinvented workplace.


Reimagining FM Symposium Ask the Experts Sessions



“How do I align my team’s efforts on reentry with HR’s processes?”

“I need to consult IT on our disaster mitigation plan – where do I start?”

“What does anthropology have to do with my operating budget?”

Over the past year, the value of cross-functional teams has never been more evident. From maintaining shutdown buildings and adapting to work from home, to resiliency planning and reentry prep, collaboration between all building professionals has been crucial to business continuity, occupant safety and facility well-being.

This multidisciplinary approach to supporting an adaptive, resilient workplace is not expected to fade post-COVID — it will only grow stronger.

Following the two-hour Reimagining FM Symposium, panelists will provide a broader view of their respective areas of expertise; then address questions raised from the insights and revelations presented in the symposium.

Prepare to get better acquainted with the working partners you’ll depend on in the new world of work.